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Welcome Message from the Forum

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 03, 2015 5:16 pm

Welcome to Our Country.

The media is following their political agendas, politicians and their parties do everything they can to stay in a position of power, private individuals and corporations buying favors and power in politics and government agencies are being abused by the men and women in power to further their personal or political agendas.

Is this a script for a new political thriller.....no.....this is the emerging picture of the political landscape in the United States today.

The Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment are under serious attack.

Facebook, Twitter and all the other "public" sites are being controlled and we are told what we can and can not say.

This forum intend to change that.

Here you can speak your mind without worrying about political censorship.

There are rules to follow though:

1. Any and All decisions made by the Administrator and/or the Moderators are to be adhered to.
2. Be respectful. Agree to disagree, there must be room for all opinions.
3. Should any Federal, State or Local laws be broken, the Administrator will give Law Enforcement full support in any investigation.
4. Any incitement to break any Federal, State or Local law will result in permanent removal from this forum and, if warranted, any and all information in the matter will be handed over to Law Enforcement Officials.
5. Racism, personal attacks, ethnic slur, advertising and ANY sharing of other members personal information will result in removal from this forum for a period deemed appropriate by the Administrator and the Moderators.

These rules can be changed or updated, so return to this post frequently to ensure compliance.
We will make every effort to notify the forum of any changes, but it is ultimately the members responsibility to know the rules at all times.

Strong personal opinions are to be expected, but these opinions can be shared without personal attacks.

It is our hope that we will be able to make a difference, but in order to do that we must do it in a way that puts on beyond approach.

If you truly love this wonderful country of ours, we welcome you....if not....don't waste our time.



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